Who are we?

We’re a loosely knit non-profit group who organise free community art events around the UK based on the idea of mutual aid.

What kind of events do we do?

We aim to operate a wide range of events, all at no cost. Here are some examples of some common events, but we’re also open to anything interesting:

Mutual tutorials– join a group or pair, show the other people your current projects and give and receive constructive advice

Talks– a diverse array of artists, museum and gallery staff, academics, independent researchers and anyone else who wants to share their work and research, with time to chat and mingle with the speakers afterwards

Workshops– free workshops to learn new skills

Skill-share sessions– share your skills with other people

Social studio– Bring your current project, and work on it with other people for company

Bring Your Own Art shows– sign up, bring a piece of your art, and hang it in the evening’s exhibition

What are our principles?

Removing barriers

Being creative shouldn’t depend on how much money you have. With the removal of funding and introduction of hefty tuition fees for degrees and adult education courses, studying art can seem like an expensive luxury. Our events are free, run on a low-cost basis, and costs are covered by a voluntary donation bucket.

We try to do our best to hold events in disabled-accessible venues where available, clearly state accessibility information and where possible assign gender-neutral toilets. Events are tagged on the calendar with their accessibility details.

We do not tolerate any kind of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other kind of bigotry or abusive behaviour at our events.

Demolishing hierarchies

The art world can be a daunting place. There is a lot of value and social status applied to whether you are a “professional” or not and it can often seem like the only way to work in the arts sector is to come from a certain social background, know the right people, and have enough money to do countless unpaid internships. It can make people feel like they’re “not the right sort of person” to produce their own art.

Our events put everyone on an equal footing, whether they work in the arts industry or not. Our aim is for people to mutually share their skills and help each other to develop their work. Everyone has something to offer, and we want to boost people’s confidence, and make them actively involved in events.

Being friendly and open

We want people to feel welcome and comfortable at our events, especially if they are new and don’t know anyone. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about events, or any special needs that we can help accommodate.

I want to get involved!

Yes! We really want people to take part and organise their own events as part of the school. If there is already a group in your area, please get in contact with them. If there’s no group near you, you could set up your own, and we will help you. The only thing we ask is that you are on the same page with all of our principles.