About Us

We’re Connect Nothing With Nothing, gig promoters in Margate. We don’t really focus on any particular genre- more on a particular vibe and atmosphere. Weird stuff, heavy stuff, intense stuff, surprising stuff. Lots of psych, drone, doom metal, post-punk, electronica, but also sometimes political indie pop or techno. You never know. Fall down the rabbit hole- we promise to not be boring.

We also strongly focus on DIY, non-hierarchical and Mutual Aid based approaches to organising music. We’re certainly not getting rich off doing this, so it might as well be fun and rewarding for everyone. We want you to get involved. Start a band, put on a night, let’s get things going.

We also try to make sure we are inclusive and widen our net when it comes to the musicians we put on. Music is not a straight white cis boy’s club, and there is a whole wealth of talent out there beyond that demographic. We also will not tolerate racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia or other kinds of bigotry at our events.



Help other people! Work together! Collaborate on projects and create a fertile field. Other people’s success helps you to be successful- they can give you advice and contacts.



People in the same field are potential collaborators and supporters, not enemies. Creativity is not a game of winners and losers. Someone else’s success is not your failure.


Mutual Aid creates a virtuous circle where people help each other out with no strings attached apart from basic respect. It makes the world feel happier and less daunting.


Cutting others down. Always taking and never giving. Leave it to the Tories, we’re better than that.


Say hi to the shy new people. Invite them in. Make them feel welcome and included. There’s no dress code.


Music and other types of creativity aren’t exclusive for any race, gender or group. Cliques are for 12 year olds. Don’t lock people out and make them feel unwelcome and un- included. It’s not your private clubhouse.


If you know how to do something and others don’t, why not arrange a skill-share session? If you admire someone else’s skills, ask them for some tips. Decent people will be happy to share and help- especially if you’re a beginner.


Don’t keep others out or act like information or skills are a state secret only to be shared with the initiated few. You don’t need to be this cool to enter, or have x years of experience to join in. Let people have a go and get involved.


The world is hard enough. Let’s support and celebrate each other’s projects, and be supportive and kind when times are tough. Provide a safe haven from the bigotry of the world.


Somebody else being good at something takes away nothingfrom you. If you feel your own work looks less in comparison, up your game rather than tearing others down, and everyone benefits. Jealousy just poisons the well.


Have a go. Not everything needs to be perfect, and it’s ok to try things out. Let’s create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to try new things out and have fun.


You want to do that thing, right? Why aren’t you doing it? If you need help from others to start, why not just ask them?


We don’t use strobe lighting, but there may be flashing lights or projections.

Please email us or use the form below if you have any other accessibility needs we can help with


Venue is in a basement. Bar is at ground level. Gender-neutral toilets, currently no disabled toilet.


Venue is on one level and has parking. Toilets are separated by gender and no disabled toilet.

101 Social Club

Venue is on two levels with stairs to both.Toilet is downstairs and gender-neutral. No disabled toilet.


Privacy & ticket sales

We keep your details confidential and do not sell them to third parties.

Ticket sales are final unless the event is cancelled (in which case we will issue a full refund via PayPal). You can pay via card or PayPal balance online, or cash at the venue.

We reserve the right to refund tickets- you will receive your money back in full.

Under 18s are allowed as long as they are accompanied by an over 18.

We also operate a “no-one turned away for lack of funds” policy. This means that people who are genuinely broke can pay a small donation instead of the full ticket price. Please don’t take advantage if you actually have money.


Please get in contact via email if you want to play for us. Our gigs are paid, and everyone also gets a vegan dinner (as well as a good time). We can also help arrange people to host touring bands.